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Preparing Matcha

How much matcha should I drink per day?

We recommend 1-2 cups of matcha per day if you wish to truly reap the health benefits of it. In order to stay within the National Health Service’s daily caffeine guidelines, we recommend no more than 5 cups of matcha per day.

What is the best time to drink matcha?

Due to the caffeine content of matcha, we recommend consuming it in the morning or early afternoon.

What is the difference between ceremonial and culinary matcha?

Ceremonial Matcha generally describes matcha grades appropriate for use in traditional tea ceremonies, and Culinary Matcha describes matcha grades suitable for use as an ingredient in drink or dessert recipes.

If I have no bamboo whisk, can I use something else?

To prepare matcha in the best way possible, we recommend using a bamboo whisk.

How can I enjoy matcha aside from drinking it as a tea?

There are a countless number of ways in which matcha can be enjoyed, aside from as a tea! This includes matcha lattes, matcha brownies, matcha doughnuts, matcha cheesecake, matcha ice cream, matcha affogato, matcha tiramisu – the list goes on. Head o

I am new to the world of matcha – how do I get started?

Our Matcha Brewing Kit is the perfect place to start if you are new to the world of matcha. The kit contains our artisanal matcha, Matsu™, a Cloud Glass Chawan (hand-blown double-walled glass bowl), a Full-Hand Chasen (full-length bamboo matcha whisk